About Cake Lab

  • The history of the Cake Lab pastry shop dates back to 2012. This is a story about how an ordinary hobby grew into a big business, in which the founder puts her love and soul to this day.
  • Passion for baking and confectionery art in his free time brought a lot of enthusiastic reviews from family and friends. After some time, the idea came to open your own small and cozy corner, where everyone could taste delicious pastries and sweets. This is how our first Cake Lab was founded on Bobur Street.
  • In a team of three, our first store was launched, where we ourselves baked, packaged and sold finished products. Love for my business very quickly bore fruit in the form of loyalty and even a list of regular customers. In order to try our products, people from distant regions came to us. This is how the expansion of Cake Lab began.
  • To date, we have grown to 12 branches in the city of Tashkent with a large friendly team. It is very important for us to offer only high-quality and really tasty confectionery products, high-quality service and an individual approach to each guest.
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